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About Waxing

Wax is applied along the direction of hair growth. It must be even, smooth and thin.

When you apply soft wax, leave the strip about one or two inches, above the wax to hold on to. Remove the wax strip in the opposite direction to the way the hair grows. As you pull, ensure your hand is parallel to the skin. Avoid pulling upwards.

Top Tip – Swiftly make light taps on the waxed area, this will confuse the skin senses.

Does waxing hurt?

To be honest this question is impossible to answer. Every single person has a different tolerance level when it comes to pain. As something that is painful for someone may not even affect the other person. However, at Vaxy, we make sure that our products give you the most heavenly experience possible. If you are still worried about your sensitivity, we recommend you take an aspirin roughly 20 minutes before waxing to maximize the level of your comfort.

Why should I wax versus other methods?

Consistent waxing would make your hair grow back slower, sparse and finer. As far as shaving is concerned; it does not remove your hair but cuts it making your hair thick and hard. Laser hair removal and electrolysis does not work for everyone which makes waxing a very suitable and easy choice for both men and women. Another difference between waxing and other hair removal techniques is that the latter are relatively very expensive which certainly would make a dent on your bank account.

Leg waxing
Men waxing
Leg waxing

How long does the wax take to melt?

When using your Vaxy Wax Warmer, it is recommended that you wait an approximate 15-30 minutes while using the highest temperature setting. Once you see that the wax has reached its full liquid form you should lower the temperature setting on your warmer to a low to mid-level setting and give some time for the wax to cool off. Wait until you see the wax reaching a honey-like consistency. And then you may start your treatment.

How long can I expect my wax to last?

Well that is a thing of beauty when you get to know that your current treatment would last at least one to two weeks following your treatment.

Why is the wax not removing any hair?

If you see that the hair is not being removed, then it is possible that the reasons can mistakes regarding removal and application process or heating. To avoid this, we suggest that the temperature of your Vaxy Wax Warmer is at the highest setting until the wax has reached liquid form, after that you can set the temperature setting of the warmer to mid-settings so that honey-like consistency of the wax can be achieved. The consistency of the wax would determine the success rate of hair removal. After application, wait for 30 to 40 seconds to allow the was to dry. Then you can carry on with the removal process.

Can I mix the waxes?

You can mix the waxes but it is not recommended. Because of the reason that different waxes have different formulas catering to different applications and targeting different performance. Mixing multiple variations of wax can lead to performance issues of the product.

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