Professional Hard Wax Beads 100g, Stripless Depilatory Waxing Pellets Solid Film Beans No Strip Needed, Painless Gentle Hair Removal of Full Body, Face & Bikini Line


Vaxy Stripless Pearl Hard Film Wax Waxing Beads Beans Pellets Hair Removal 100g

Vaxy Pearl Wax with Advanced formula, extra fast setting hot wax designed for outstanding client comfort and perfect results. The firm yet flexible formulation allows for clean, easy removal of all hair types from all areas of the face and body. Perfect for sensitive skin and delicate areas. Suitable for every hair and skin type.

The​ wax beads for hair removal​ are hassle-free to use. You need one spatula to apply the wax and let it dry and you can peel it off. These​ hair removal wax beads ​can be used both on the body and in the genital area. Unlike razors or any other products, the results of the​ wax bead hair removal kit​ are long-lasting. This product can be used at home, in the salon, wax studios.

SPEND LESS MONEY & PRIVACY: You No Longer Need to Spend A Fortune at Beauty Salons To Get a Brazilian Wax Any More. Not Everybody Likes To Get Naked In Front of Strangers. We Get That! Waxing in Private Allows You to Enjoy Discreet Waxing While Achieving Professional Results. Do It Easily At Private Place.

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